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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Lists

When ever everything seems too overwhelming I find myself letting everything go and just curling up in a fetal position and wanting to sleep. So this week I didn't get anything done that I was supposed to. I didn't go to swim practice, I didn't go to LA for my meeting, I didn't run 175 minutes, I didn't lose weight, I spent too much money, I was late on a bill, I didn't grocerey shop, I didn't ride my bike or attach my clip ins, etc.

But it is Thursday, and there are things that I can still accomplish. So this week I am setting some goals - things I must do:

Run 75 minutes
Prep Shabbat Dinner
Grocerey Shop
Install Clip ins
Set up Printer
Unpack one box
Put away laundry

Swim 30 minutes Bike 30 minutes
Host Shabbat Dinner
Pick up Dry Cleaning

Unpack two boxes
Buy Curtain Rods
Buy Curtains
Install Curtains

Cycle 120 minutes
Visit Grandma
Go to a concert with Jordan

I will check back in at the end of the weekend and see how I did....


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